The Untitled Newsletter: Raising new fund and welcoming new venture partner

September 2020

This is the Untitled Newsletter, a first monthly newsletter highlighting what our fund and portfolio companies are up to. We are Oskar Stachowiak, Igor Lutz, Konstantin Sinushin, and the team. You can find out more about us and our seed / pre-seed stage firm that focuses on breakthrough technologies from Eastern Europe the Untitled Ventures here:

The Untitled Venture News

  • We are raising 50m EUR for a second fund that will focus on B2B AI, robotics, agritech, medtech, and data management. The new fund will be backed by European institutions and will take advantage of exceptional deal flow with revenues of EUR400k-EUR1 million. Read in full on The Telegraph and EU-Startups. Igor Lutz talked to Adrien Henni (Co-founder & Editor @EWDN). Read his interview to find out how the Untitled Ventures will bridge Eastern European startups with Western Europe. And don’t miss an opportunity to join us on our journey!

  • A Unicorn builder has already joined us as a venture partner! We are glad to announce Anton Antich, an early stage investor and a COO of an AI integration platform Intento, and an ex VP of Veeam, a Swiss cloud data management company acquired by Insight Venture Partners for $5bln, joining our management team. Anton also ran business development units of Microsoft and VMware, as well as consulted, advised and became an investor in startups which have become a Unicorn and mid-size companies, such as Acronis, and Tricentis, to name a few. With the addition of Anton, the management team of The Untitled Ventures has direct experience of two unicorns, early stage investment of EPAM (now Nasdaq listed) and the building of Veeam. EPAM and Veeam are examples of the strategy that The Untitled Ventures executes bridging Eastern and Western Europe.

  • Higher returns on investments are just one of the advantages of backing startups from Central and Eastern Europe. Oskar Stachowiak shared an opinion on why VCs from the west should not be afraid of startups from the east. Read in full on Sifted.

Portfolio Companies News

  • 💰 OKS Group Foundation invests $500,000 In Inspector Cloud Product Recognition System. In 2017, the company raised $150,000 USD, where The Untitled Ventures acted as one of the lead investors, and in 2018 – $200,000 USD angel investments were reached at the seed stage.

  • ⚡FIXAR, a developer and manufacturer of unmanned aerial solutions for the commercial use-cases, has obtained a license from Transport Canada which approves Fixar's revolutionary drone design for flights. How high can FIXAR drones fly? The maximum possible flight height is 4500 meters (however, it's not recommended to operate at heights above 1000 meters). Find out more at

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