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This is the Untitled Ventures Newsletter, a monthly newsletter highlighting what our fund and portfolio companies are up to. We are Konstantin Sinushin, Oskar Stachowiak, Igor Lutz, and Co. You can find out more about us here

The Untitled Ventures News

  • Great news everyone! Well, not everyone but those early growth stage companies which are in AI, ML, Robotics & Industry 4.0, Deep Tech and Medtech and are either in the process of transferring HQs to the West or Central Europe or already have moved and are seeking for smart money — we are accepting submissions so apply with your pitch deck today!

  • Tax incentives, European entity and Russian language. What is the attractiveness of Latvia for startups from the CIS and how to transfer business there? Read this extremely helpful and detailed post from the fund cofounder Konstantin here.  

  • TNW featured the “10 embarrassing PR fails that show how NOT to pitch” authored by our PR Partner Mary, who was named as one of PR People of the Year by PR News! Find out what infuriates journalists and how to take it into account next time you pitch

Portfolio Companies News

  • has entered the top-ten most innovative startups and has been selected for the Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka program out of 550 overall applications. The brand-new product – Sarafan: machine vision technology for automatic monitoring of safety compliance is already available in Azure Marketplace! 

  • FIXAR is taking part in Amsterdam Drone Week 2020. From December 1 - 3, you can find the team at the first official European platform connecting the different players of the UAS industry. Don’t miss the products demo!  

What to read

  • Cross-device, cross-platform, and private browsing is a huge problem for every company that heavily invests in digital marketing because it is impossible to stitch customer journey and apply traditional retrospective attribution models.
    Learn how AI helps to solve the cross-device attribution problem by using predictive algorithms.

  • The idea of rewarding key stakeholders is not new. All tech startups set up their own employee stock option plan (ESOP); it’s also common practice to reward key advisors with equity instruments. Yet Fairmint offers a simpler alternative to such plans. 

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