The Untitled Newsletter: the best way to get funding according to our Partners and Dealroom

This is the Untitled Ventures Newsletter, the newsletter highlighting what our fund and portfolio companies are up to. We are Konstantin Sinushin, Oskar Stachowiak, Igor Lutz, and Co. You can find out more about us here

  • Some interesting data from Dealroom for those who are fundraising $ 500-560k for preseed. According to it, you need to:

    • make 18 slides presentation 

    • contact 58 investors 

    • set up 30 meetings

    • spend 15.5 weeks on all this 

    • spend $ 8,200 in transaction costs

    • eventually, sell 10% to investors

    • and issue additional compensation to employees in the form of 7.4% ESOP

The Untitled Ventures News

  • Startup Jedi, an online media platform about startups and investments, interviewed Konstantin and wrote a piece intended to unpack the fund’s strategy and plans. Read this and some useful advice here.

  • What is the best way to get funding? Mary Glazkova, our PR Partner, comments along with others from the industry. Read this now on TechRound.

Portfolio Companies News

  • FIXAR announced the cooperation with the largest Danish retailer JYSK to provide a drone delivery service across Latvia! The video is here.

    The agriculture package successfully introduced biological protection on 3150 hectares (7784 acres) area. The introduced entomophagy destroyed 74% of the invasive pests in a single flight, resulting in increased crop health and safety. Impressive? There's more! Read the full case study on using FIXAR 007 for biological protection here.

  • Sarafan Technology
    On 11 of February Yana Alexandrova, COO of Sarafan Technology spoke about AI technologies and how they influence digital fashion

    • AI and ML tools help designers to create digital looks and make sure that digital clothes fit ideally. The technology identifies parameters, creates 3D model and generates looks in the new poses. 

    • AI can also inspire designers – it analyses style and design patterns of the famous brands and can create looks based on similarity. It can go further and combine style from one object and functionality from other objects to create more complex looks. 

    • AI and ML help to promote sales of digital clothes. It can analyze customers’ previous purchases, browsing behaviour, photos and can advise the best match for the client’s preferences.

What to read

  • Here are Geri's observations on what venture investors frequently prioritize in making judgments, in order of importance.

  • This annual research report by Ark Invest seeks to highlight the latest developments in innovation and offers some of the most provocative research conclusions for the coming year.

  • The 6 Most Powerful pitch deck frameworks to rock your investor presentation are here.

  • Take a trip down Auth0 Memo-ry lane.

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