The Untitled Newsletter: VCs have fallen for the hype, COVID-19 and what is Clubhouse

This is the Untitled Ventures Newsletter, your newsletter which was supposed to deliver news about our fund and portfolio companies monthly. But Mary, who is in charge of Comms, was struck by COVID-19 in January, so now she is fine, and here we go!

The Untitled Ventures News

  • Lockdowns, border closures and remote working turned services like Zoom into mainstream tech. Some VCs have fallen for the hype, too – and thus made the single biggest mistake. Konstantin Siniushin shares how to avoid it and what startups are most likely to prosper in 2021. Read now on

  • Is Clubhouse all you hear about recently? Mary Glazkova, our PR Partner, wrote how to use the new audio social net for PR and fundraising! Read now on PRWeek UK

  • Igor Lutz, who spent 20 years in the advertisement market and was a member of the BBDO Group board, talks about marketing technologies, new digital media, and customers behaviour. Listen to the podcast to find out about the ins and outs in the advertisement market

Portfolio Companies News

  • FIXAR  is an excellent illustration of a company which builds the global presence.
    • First, one of Norway's leading and most experienced tailor-made RPAS services and solutions providers Romvesen became the official FIXAR distributor.
    • Second, the drones completed the test and started demo flights in Canada.
    • Third, Director of Global Expansion, Yulia Druzhnikova, was appointed as Special Advisor of the BoD of Unmanned Systems Canada association to contribute to the RPAS industry development.
    • And last but not least, FIXAR has become a member of AUVSI— US-based the world's largest nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of unmanned systems and robotics globally, and a member of the Latvijas Tirdzniecības un rūpniecības kamera!

  • Sarafan Technology started a partnership with Spearad, a renowned expert in an addressable TV company. It offers a single platform for broadcasters and OTT for managing their O&O campaigns and programmatic advertisement.

    Neural networks for objects’ recognition by Sarafan Technology ideally complement Spearad data management system. Sarafan Tech tools scan video files for brand-safety, identify objects and situations and classify them according to IAB Taxonomy Mapping specification. It also estimates the amount of inventory for displaying different ads categories.

What to read

  • Why you need to get your financial plan in order and what should be included: read here

  • Why there’s so much variance on “valuations relative to traction”.  Some companies are getting 100X ARR multiples while others are getting 2X. Find out here

  • Lessons from Bessemer Venture Partners Investment Memos are here

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