The Untitled Ventures Newsletter: Today We Launch €100M Fund II to Invest in Ambitious Deeptech Startups

This is the Untitled Ventures Newsletter special issue! We want to celebrate our Fund II launch and invite you to share the good news.

Our second fund aims to fuel deeptech startups founded by globally-minded eastern european entrepreneurs who are looking to relocate their business or have already HQ'ed in Western Europe and the USA.

We are looking for B2B AI-powered startups with proven traction, disrupting agritech, medtech, robotics, data management and other industries.

If your startup matches the criteria, please submit it here

We have a great experience accumulated earlier during operating the first fund, not just structuring businesses in such European countries as, for example, Luxembourg, Germany, Great Britain, Portugal, Cyprus and Latvia, but also physically relocating startup teams.

We will add France and Switzerland, as well as the Netherlands in the very near future. We're also going to establish long-term partnerships with European venture capital funds, as well as help our portfolio projects to obtain European grants.

Please, read more about the Untitled Ventures Fund II in our Medium blog and on Sifted.

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