The Untitled Ventures Newsletter: How to Get the Most out of M&A and Some Good Reads

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The Untitled Ventures News

Portfolio Companies News


  • FIXAR equips all its outdoor drones with FIXAR BlackBox system for UAV flight data logging, enabling to increase traceability and accountability of the aircraft and contribute to safer air traffic. 

  • Two new dealers signed: Albania’s SKAITECH and Africa’s Ezytrade Africa Limited.


  • Its AI-driven multi-touch attribution increased conversions from Facebook Ads by 146% while decreasing Cost of Sale by 32%. Find out how.


  • Sizolution explains how, with the help of AI, brands can develop an authentic experience for each customer that bonds the store and the client.

Good Reads

• Index Ventures launches OptionPlan Seed app

• 6 lessons from raising millions from investors 

• Don’t build a minimum viable product — build a minimum viable test 

Questions investors will ask you. An infographic to help you prepare for fundraising meetings.

• AI Disruption: What VCs Are Betting On 

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